You have to register for courses per study period ánd you have to re-enrol for your study programme per academic year. If you fail to to do either on time, you can not partake in education. Read more on (de)registration for courses and (termination of) enrolment for your study programme below.

You will automatically be registered for the courses of the first period of the first year. After this -as of the second period until the end of your studies - you have to register for courses yourself. Every period you can register for a maximum of 15 EC. Course registration is possible during a brief time span of two to three weeks. You will receive an announcement on your student account when the next registration period begins.

Registration procedure

You register for courses via your study progress review in OSIRIS. Here you can see which courses you have finished and which you still have to take. It also shows your options. If no options are shown for the period in which you want to register for courses, then you generally have a free choice. You can search for courses to take in the Course Catalogue. Here you will also find the entry requirements for courses that require specific knowledge to participate. 

Registration periods

If you register during these periods you can almost be sure to be accepted in the course of your first choice.

  • Period 1 (Start courses: Monday 6 September 2021)
    Registration: Monday 31 May - Sunday 27 June 2021 (inclusive)
  • Period 2 (​Start courses: Monday 15 November 2021)
    Registration: Monday 20 September -  Sunday 3 October 2021 (inclusive)
  • Period 3 (Start courses: Monday 7 February 2022)
    Registration: Monday 1 November - Sunday 28 November 2021 (inclusive)
  • Period 4 (Start courses: Monday 25 April 2022)
    Registration: Monday 31 January - Sunday 27 February 2022 (inclusive)

Late registration days

If you change your mind later on and want to take another course, or if you forgot to enrol, you have a second chance on the late registration days. The choice at that time however will usually be more limited.

  • Period 1 Late registration: Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 August 2021
  • Period 2 Late registration: Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 October 2021
  • Period 3 Late registration: Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 January 2022
  • Period 4 Late registration: Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 April 2022

If you decide not to take a course for which you have registered, or if you decide to quit, please deregister within two weeks of the start of that course. If you deregister on time, the mark ‘unsatisfactory’ will not be entered in your study progress review. Please also notify the course coordinator: the person in charge of the course organisation, if you deregister for a course. Contact information can be found on Blackboard or in the Course Catalogue.

If you want to register for more than 15 EC in courses during one period, you have to apply for this via this registration form. Register for your other courses first, then apply for additional courses during the standard registration period (see course registration). Applications will not be accepted during the late registration days.

Not all faculties at Utrecht University use the same registration periods and procedures. If you want to register for an elective course outside of the Faculty of Geosciences, you will find the proper information on the website of the study programme that offers your elective course. You always need permission of the Board of Examiners ( if you want to follow an elective course from another University or a course that is not on the pre-approved list (you can find this list on Blackboard).

You can re-enrol as of 1 June. Make sure to finalise your re-enrolment before 1 September! If you are not enrolled before 1 September you cannot participate in the courses and exams of the first period. The re-enrolment procedure may differ per situation. Read more about (Re)-enrolment.

Please note: It is only possible to enrol with a starting date of 1 September. There is one exception; if you’re starting a Master’s programme with an official starting date in February, then you may enrol as of 1 February. Other exceptions are only possible with the explicit permission of your department or Faculty.

You can cancel your enrolment (application) until the start of your study programme. When enrolling per 1 September, you can cancel until 31 August at the latest, or 31 January at the latest if you are enrolling per 1 February (a starting date that applies to some programmes). In either case, you will not be required to pay any tuition fees.

If you want to unsubscribe for your education at the University of Utrecht, there are a number of things that you need to arrange. Read more about Termination of enrolment.