Education Committee

The programme’s Education Committee, which comprises both students and teaching staff representatives, oversees the quality of the programme, raises any items of concern, and provides advice on the development and delivery of education policies to the Education Director. If you have any opinions, comments, ideas about your study programme and the quality of the education, you can contact the student members of the Education Committee to have them raise the issue in the committee.

Staff members

  • Rens van Beek (chair)
  • Suzanne Hangx (staff member)
  • Ruth de Klerk (secretary)

Student members

  • Max Alatieh
  • Florine Bezoen

You can reach them at

This mailbox can only be viewed by the official secretary of the EC. The secretary will forward the e-mails from students to the student members, if applicable. After that, the student members will contact the sender.