Study programme

Study load

Your study load is measured using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One EC or study credit equals 28 hours of study. The courses of a Master's programme are generally 7,5 EC, that is 210 hours of study. As a full-time student you normally take 8 courses per academic year, earning you 60 EC. Earth, Life and Climate is a two-year Master’s programme in which you earn 120 EC in total. 


You are free to design your own Master’s plan. In general, your plan should be structured as follows:

You’ll find a complete overview and background of the programme in the Study Guide.


On your study progress review in OSIRIS you can see which course you have finished and which you still have to take. It also shows your options. As such it is a useful tool when you are designing your Master’s plan. Your Personal Advisor is always available to give you advice on your plan. Here you can also find your obtained study results, so you can see to what extend you meet the exam requirements to obtain your degree.