The Earth, Life and Climate Master’s programme combines biology, chemistry, geochemistry and earth sciences. You’ll be studying the fundamental processes that drive natural systems. In particular those with a strong impact on the biosphere and biodiversity and the processes that determine the structure and evolution of natural environments at the Earth’s surface. You’ll acquire knowledge about soils, sediments, lakes, groundwater, wetlands, estuaries and oceans. The programme aims to combine the knowledge of past and present environments to analyse future threats that could endanger our global system. You will also study the impact of human activity on the climate and the environment, with the aim of developing strategies for dealing with these man-made perturbations.


Attention to sustainable development and innovation in order to maintain and preserve our planet, is important in education and research of the Faculty of Geosciences. This Master's programme is part of the Graduate School Geosciences and is organized by the Teaching Institute Earth Sciences, a joint organisational unit of the Departments of Earth Sciences and Physical Geography.


The study programme indicates the structure and progress of the Master's programme. Check the schedules to see how the academic year and the courses are organised. You can find more information on the different compulsory and (extra) optional components of the programme here.