Why do people migrate? How do immigrants integrate and develop (new or dual) cultural identities? How do host societies respond to immigrants? Why and when do ethnic and religious differences lead to conflicts and misunderstandings? What are the reasons for prejudice and racism, and how can these negative reactions be minimised? If you would like to study such issues, this minor is for you.

Immigration has radically changed the composition of the population in the Netherlands, as in many other countries across Europe and beyond. Due to increased diversity, issues concerning integration and relationships between ethnic groups are receiving a great deal of attention in the social and scientific debate.

These issues are studied from the perspective of social inequalities between groups and social cohesion in society. To what extent do ethnic groups differ economically, socially and culturally? Which processes drive socio-cultural and structural integration? What is the role of cultural differences and of ethnic and (trans) national identification processes? How can prejudice and discrimination be explained? And how do immigration and integration policies structure the social composition of societies?

The minor Multicultural society offers students knowledge of current issues concerning immigration, integration, cultural differences and inter-ethnic relationships. Theories, findings and policy measures are discussed from an international comparative and interdisciplinary social science perspective.

Code Cursus Blok Niveau Coördinator
201500044 Rejecting minorities: an interdisciplinary perspective on intergroup relations 1/C 2 Dr. Tobias Stark
201800005 Comparing cultures: Theory and research 2/D 2 Dr. Jochem Thijs
201800009 Migrants and integration 3/D 3 Dr. Edwin Poppe
201900015 The multicultural society 4/D 3 Drs. Gerrit Dielissen

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The Multicultural Society minor is open to students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University College Utrecht and other Dutch universities, and to international exchange students.

The minor is particularly interesting for students with a background in anthropology, psychology, sociology, pedagogical sciences, language- and culture studies, movie and theatre sciences, and interdisciplinary social sciences - both Dutch and international – with an interest in topics such as migration, integration, cultural differences, nationalism, prejudice and interethnic relations.

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