In the Master’s programme of Youth Studies, you will look across the borders of different areas of expertise. You will learn to analyse specific questions by combining perspectives from the behavioural sciences (psychology, pedagogy) and the social sciences (sociology) in an interdisciplinary approach.

In addition, you will delve into policy and interventions having to do with youth issues and develop skills for conducting research in the field of youth.

This one-year Master’s programme concerns youth-related topics, including the following:

  • substance use, addiction and risky behaviour;
  • psychosocial problems;
  • social inequalities and wellbeing;
  • radicalisation, discrimination, intolerance;
  • accessibility of (health) care;
  • social media and the digital environment of young people;
  • anti-social and pro-social behaviour;
  • youth culture, pop music and cultural lifestyle;
  • sexual development and behaviour;
  • changes in youth welfare and youth policy.