You may submit a request if you are unable to comply with the existing rules due to personal circumstances:

  • You did not register (in time), but there are special (personal) circumstances that prevented you from doing so.
  • You are not admitted to an additional test but believe that you may be admitted due to compelling personal reasons.
  • You were granted an extra test and think you are entitled to an additional test.
  • You have almost finished your degree programme but you miss one more course to graduate. You may be eligible for an individual examination provision.

Appeals or requests based on special personal circumstances should first be discussed with the tutor and/or study advisor. If necessary, the tutor or study advisor will advise whether your appeal or request should be submitted to the Bachelor’s or Master’s director.

Use the request form to submit your request. The director will take this into consideration and inform you as soon as possible about the assessment of your request.