The Master's thesis part of the programme (20 ECTS) ensures that graduates are able to set up and carry out an empirical scientific study. Students write their thesis based on an empirical research project that they carry out autonomously. The project is primarily conducted within one semester, with preparations commencing in period 1.

The Master's thesis is the final assignment for gauging the student’s aptitude. Both the Internship report and the Master's thesis must be defended in the light of issues related to youth, education and society, as well as scientific research and methodologies. More information can be found in the course manual of the Thesis at the Blackboard community.

Ethical review

From 1 September 2020, all Bachelor's and (research) Master's students must have their thesis project ethically reviewed by the FERB through the online tool UU-SER. More information about the procedure and associated protocols can be found on the Student Ethics Review & Registration Site (UU-SER) website.