The organisation in which students do their internship and the issues with which it deals should be relevant to the domain on which the Master’s in Youth, Education and Society focuses; this will be subject to approval by the internship coordinator.

During the internship, you will gain practical experience at an institute or organisation related to one of the angles of approach in the Master's programme. You could gain experience, for example, as a (practice) researcher, policy maker or project officer.

Applications for internships are submitted during block 1. In block 2, students prepare for their internships under the supervision of the lecturer from the course responsible for internships.

Blackboard database

The online Youth, Education and Society database on Blackboard is available for students who wish to explore internship options. Students apply for an internship placement in one of the following three tracks:

  • YEP: Youth Policy, Education and Prevention;
  • PID: Pedagogy and International Development;
  • EFIS: Education for Inclusive Societies.

More information can be found in the course manual of the Internship at the Blackboard community.

Internship abroad? Register in OSIRIS

If you want to do an internship abroad, you must register your stay in OSIRIS. More information about the registration procedure can be found on the Study abroad page.