Teaching formats

The education programme uses various teaching formats:

  • lectures;
  • studying literature;
  • assignments;
  • work groups;
  • excursions;
  • masterclasses (interactive lectures with an expert from the field);
  • fieldwork (also abroad);
  • individual interviews with a supervisor;
  • practical internship linked to thesis (with the option to go abroad);
  • labs.

Language modes

This programme is taught in English. However, it uses two language modes: English Only and a Hybrid Language mode.  Students can register for a language mode at the beginning of the year. For students of the PID-track, the English Only mode is mandatory.

In the English language mode all components (lectures, assignments, reports) will be in English. In the hybrid language mode, some components of the programme can be done in Dutch, such as the Master’s thesis and Internship. Other components can only be taken in Dutch if this provision is included in the course manual.