Student at Utrecht University

If you are already a student at Utrecht University, but at another faculty, you can enrol through OSIRIS. This is only possible during our enrolment periods.

Student outside Utrecht University

If you study at a different university you can follow one or multiple bachelor courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University. You can enrol through OSIRIS Online Application. Please pay attention to the enrolment periods. The course descriptions can be found in the in the Course Catalog. Please select 'Yes' at the question 'Student taking subsidiary courses'.

Psychology courses

It is not possible to attend a mandatory major course from Psychology.

If there are entrance requirements for your course, you will have to send in proof that you meet the requirements before the start of the course by sending in a transcript of records and course descriptions. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not have permission to follow the course and will be deregistered.


To enrol for the course(s) of your choice, you must first have an account. When registering for courses, keep the enrolment periods in mind.

Go to OSIRIS Online Application to apply for enrolment for subsidiary courses.

Log in

If you do not already have a user name / password, you must create them. Click on the option ‘If you don’t have a username/password, click here.’

Do you already have an Utrecht University student number?

Then please log in with the existing details. If you no longer have your existing details, you can change the password.

After you have logged in to your account, you can enrol. Click on ‘New application’.

The registration form now appears on screen. Complete the entire form. In the field ‘Request for’ choose the option ‘Social Sciences / subsidiary courses'. Click on ‘Continue’ and fill in the rest of the details.

When the enrolment is processed, the status of your application is altered. You will receive a notification when this is done. The enrolment status is also visible in your account.

As soon as the enrolment is fully approved, you will receive a final confirmation via email.

Enrolment for Bachelor’s courses can only be done during the enrolment periods. During late registration it is possible to apply for courses that still have space. Use the same application form for late registration.

To register for Master’s courses in the 2, 3 and 4 blocks, you can contact the STIP after the Master’s registration period on 12 October. If you have the consent of the course coordinator and there is still space in the course, you can be considered for registration.

Enrolment periods

Period   Enrolment Late enrolment
1 02-09-2019 - 10-11-2019 Monday 03 June up to Sunday 30 June 2019 19 and 20 August 2019
2 11-11-2019 - 02-02-2020 Monday 03 June up to Sunday 30 June 2019 19 and 20 August 2019
3 03-02-2020 - 19-04-2020 Monday 28 October up to
Sunday 24 November 2019
20 and 21 January 2020
4 20-04-2020 - 28-06-2020 Monday 28 October up to
Sunday 24 November 2019
20 and 21 January 2020

Bring Your Own Device

We assume that you will bring a laptop to the university if you are doing a course. As a UU student, you will be able to access practically all study software everywhere free of charge via your laptop. Check the frequently asked questions about using your own laptop. 


For questions, please contact us at