As a student of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, it is a compulsory part of your graduation to submit your Master's thesis in the Digital Thesis Archive of the University Library.

How to upload your thesis depends on whether you graduate in a one-year Master’s programme, a two-year Master’s programme, or a Master's programme of the graduate School of Teaching (GST):

If you graduate in a one-year Master's programme, you must deliver the thesis to your thesis supervisor. You must fill in the corresponding upload form in consultation with your supervisor. The supervisor then uploads the thesis to the archive.

Handing in / uploading a thesis with limited public access

The principle is that your thesis is freely accessible in the archive. If you have good reasons not to disclose the contents of your thesis, you can apply for a (temporary or permanent) embargo. An embargo means that only your name, the title, year, faculty and name of your supervisor are visible.

If you want to make use of an embargo, please discuss this with your supervisor first. The supervisor can then indicate on the upload form that public access to the thesis must be limited. He / she will then upload your thesis (with limited public access) to the archive.

If you graduate in a research Master´s, please email your thesis to the Examination Board. They will upload it to the archive. Your thesis must be delivered in both Word and pdf format and will not be made accessible to the public.

If you graduate in a Master´s programme of the Graduate School of Teaching (GST), you must upload your thesis to the archive yourself.  moet je zelf je thesis uploaden in het digitaal scriptiearchief. Your thesis will be accessible to the public.

More information?

Please contact, or look at the overview of frequently asked questions below.

Where do I find the Thesis Archive?

Your thesis will be included in the Thesis Archive of Igitur.

How do I know if my thesis has been posted?

At the moment your thesis is posted, you will receive a confirmation email.

To whom do I pass on an error in the title or description of my thesis?

If it concerns a minor error (for example a typo), you can pass it on to the Education Support Officer of your programme. If you do not agree with the description that your supervisor initially provided with your thesis, you must first discuss this with your supervisor.

Is it obligatory to post my thesis in the archive?

Yes, it is mandatory.

Can I limit access to my thesis so that not everyone can see it?

The assumption is that by placing your thesis in the archive it is freely accessible. If there are any compelling reasons for not disclosing the contents of your thesis, please discuss this with your supervisor. The contents of the thesis will then not be shown, but the accompanying bibliographic data will be available to see.

Can I limit public access to my thesis up to a specific date?

Yes, this is possible. You can limit public access to your thesis up to a specific date, or you can choose to never make your thesis publicly accessible.

When will my thesis appear in the archive?

Your thesis will only appear in the archive if the date of your graduation has passed. If you have written a thesis in conjunction with another student, it will become available on the date on which the first of the authors graduates.

Can I limit public access to my thesis at a later date?

Yes, you can. If at a later point in time, you change your mind, you can still limit public access to your thesis. In this case, please contact your supervisor. If your supervisor is no longer working in the academic programme, then please turn to Education Support for assistance. If you co-authored a thesis, you must first agree this with the other author.