PLEASE NOTE: this page is about the Studystartweek of September 2018. Information about the Studystartweek of September 2019 can be found on this site from mid-June.

During the Studystartweek you’ll receive an ICT-demonstration. You will learn to work with the facultary ICT-tools you will need while studying here. There will be an interactive demonstration of online systems such as Blackboard, MyTimetable and Osiris (where you can find grades and course descriptions).

Besides that, there will be information about your scientific rights and duties, as well as an introduction about health and safety aspects. You recieve the ICT-demonstration to make sure you have a well-prepared and responsible start of your study.

Bring Your Own Device

We assume that you will bring a laptop to the university if you are doing a computer course. As a UU student, you will be able to access practically all study software everywhere free of charge via your laptop.

Check the frequently asked questions about using your own laptop. 

MyUU app: Your grades and timetable on your smartphone

In the MyUU app for students you will find your grades from OSIRIS and your personal timetable. You can download the app from the app stores of Android and Apple. Once installed you log in with your Solis-id and password.