Student Elections Social Sciences Faculty Council 2024-2025

When are the elections?

Every year, the Social Sciences Elections Committee organizes elections to fill student seats on the Faculty Council and every two years for employee seats. In 2024, there will be elections for the student section from May 13 to 15.

How do you stand for election?

Students can stand for election in two ways from Thursday 7 March through Thursday 11 April 2024:

  • You can run yourself for election to one of the existing parties. In this case, contact the chairperson of the current section.
  • You can submit your own list and use it to nominate yourself and any other interested parties.

Practical information:


For substantive questions related to council work you can contact Mel Stronk, Ming Peters or Maartje Stam - current chairs student section

Elections Committee

The preparation and execution of the elections is done by the Elections Committee, consisting of the following members:

  • Steven Raaijmakers (chair)
  • Verena Seibel (wp member)
  • Maud Lamain (student member)
  • Anuschka Mulder-van Gameren (secretary)

Questions for the Elections Committee? Please email to: