Outline of the programme

First Year

Semester 1Semester 2
SASR01: 200400064 Sociological theory construction and model building (7,5 EC)
Prof. dr. ir. Vincent Buskens
SASR05: 201400025 Social networks - theory and empirics (7,5 EC)
Prof. dr. Eva Jaspers
SASR02: 201400024 Family and social inequality (7,5 EC)
Prof. dr. Ineke Maas
SASR06: 201400026 Starting with your thesis - literature review (7,5 EC)
Dr. Amy Nivette
SASR: 201200058 Methods and Statistics 1: Regression analysis and its generalizations (7,5 EC)
Dr. Deni Mazrekaj
SASR/MERM07: 201100060 Methods and Statistics 2: Structural equation modelling and multilevel analysis (7,5 EC)
Dr. Paulina Pankowska
SASR04: 200400067 Research practical 1: Work-family issues, organizations and inequality (7,5 EC)
Prof. dr. ir. Tanja van der Lippe
SASR08: 200400071 Research practical 2: Social network analysis (7,5 EC)
Dr. Rense Corten

Second Year

SASR09: 201400041 Electives and research experience (22,5 EC)
Dr. Wojtek Przepiorka
1 and 2
SASR10: 200500038 Research seminar I: Building a theory (7,5 EC)
Prof. dr. Ineke Maas
SASR11: 200500039 Research seminar II: Analysing, reporting and discussing your findings (7,5 EC)
Prof. dr. ir. Vincent Buskens
SASR12: 201500051 Master's thesis: A publishable article (22,5 EC)
Prof. dr. Ineke Maas
1 and 2