Examination results

Examination results will be announced via OSIRIS within 10 working days of the examination date. The results of oral examinations will be determined and announced within 24 hours. You can view your results in OSIRIS (results button). For the official regulations, please consult the Education and Examination Regulations.

Perusal of examinations

Examinations are available for review for 30 days after the results have been announced.

If your results are not available on OSIRIS by the deadlines referred to above, this could be due to the fact that:

  • you are not registered for the course;
  • you are not enrolled in the degree programme;
  • the lecturer has not yet finished processing the results.

Contact the Student Information Point or the lecturer in question to find out why your results are not yet available.

Final course result

The period of validity of certain components and exemptions is unlimited. If the test was passed more than five years earlier and the knowledge, understanding or skills being examined is / are demonstrably out of date, the Board of Examiners may impose an additional or alternative test. The official regulations can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations.

Interim examination

Interim examinations only remain valid during the academic year in which they are sat.


A pass for a(n) (Bachelor’s or Master’s) examination is valid indefinitely.

At the start of the course, each student is registered for an examination syllabus, which details the requirements you must meet in order to successfully pass the final academic review. Your examination syllabus is also indicated on your study progress overview.


The ‘SOC08BA’ examinations programme = the examinations programme of a Bachelor’s student of Sociology.

SOC = Sociology - the examinations programme of the Sociology degree programme
08 = 2008 - the year in which this examinations programme was first used.
BA = Bachelor’s - it is a Bachelor’s examinations programme

The ‘AZWM09’ examinations programme = the examinations programme of a Master’s student of Labour, care and welfare: policy and intervention.

AZP = Labour, care and welfare [Arbeid, zorg en participatie]: policy and intervention
M = Master’s
09 = 2009, the year in which this examinations programme was first used.

Dossier overview

The dossier overview details all the grades achieved, including those from an educational institution other than UU (provided you have submitted an official proof of the grades achieved to the Student Information Point).

In OSIRIS, you can retrieve and print your transcript. If you require an official transcript, you can obtain a stamped version from the Student Information Point. You should also contact the Student Information Point if your transcript includes inaccuracies. As soon as results have been processed, they will appear on OSIRIS.

Please note: results posted on Blackboard are not legally valid.

Study Progress Summary

In OSIRIS, you can view the study progress summary. In February of each year, all students, with the exception of first-year students, will be asked to check the study progress summary for any inaccuracies.

Examination programme
The study progress summary includes all the results that you have achieved for degree course components. A study progress list may contain errors in the degree course components. Please refer to the Education and Examination Regulations for your exact examination requirements or contact the Student Information Point.