Are you interested in topics related to health and wellbeing? And about social policy? Do you want to be prepared to consider a broad range of social problems from multiple disciplinary and country perspectives? Then the minor Social Policy and Public Health (SPPH) is a great choice for you!

The minor offers students knowledge of the possibilities of interventions and policies regarding social policy and public health from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Do you ever wonder why mothers are more likely than fathers to work part-time and care for their children? Or why some countries oblige unemployment benefit recipients to follow strict activation requirements while others do not? Maybe you’ve thought about what the causes are of the large in life expectancy and quality of life between people of lower and higher socio-economic status? Or how societies are changing as a result of increasing cultural diversity and social inequality?

If you would like to study such issues, this minor is for you. You will develop knowledge about interdisciplinary theoretical perspectives on social policy and interventions, which will help you gain insight into the background and skills needed to research social policy and intervention issues in the domain of health and wellbeing, in particular related to work, care and participation.

Be challenged to:

  • learn about contemporary social problems;
  • tackle policy challenges related to health inequalities; wellbeing in the workplace; migration, ageing, and gender in the context of modern welfare states, as well as solidarity and social justice; and
  • take an interdisciplinary approach to social policy;
  • participate in an international classroom;
  • prepare for an English-language Master’s programme.

This minor will help you master academic skills in writing and presenting research reports, team work, and project planning. In addition, you will learn to make the connection between policy and practice, and approach social problems related to health and wellbeing from multiple disciplinary and country perspectives.

Code Cursus Blok Niveau Coördinator
201900017 Health in society 1B 2 Prof. Dr. John de Wit
201800084 Challenges in work, health and well-being 2/C 3 Dr. René van Rijsselt
201800294 Key challenges to the welfare state: Social policy and social change 3/C 2 Dr. Marcel Hoogenboom
201900020 Solidarity and Social Justice: Social policy responses to social problems 4/A 3 Dr. Michèlle Bal


Entrance requirements

There are no entrance requirements.

Student profile

The SPPH minor is open to students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University College, other Dutch universities and international exchange students.

The SPPH minor is particularly appealing for students with a background in anthropology, psychology, sociology, political science, economics or interdisciplinary social science students – both Dutch and international – with an interest in social policy and public health issues.

Utrecht University students

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Students from other Dutch Universities 

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Exchange students from partner universities

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Minor declaration

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Master's programme

This minor is part of the curriculum of Interdisciplinary Social Science. Read the requirements for access to the Master's programme Social Policy and Public Health.

More information?

For more information, please contact dr. Michèlle Bal: tel. +31 (0)30 253 2879 or email