How to submit a special request:

When you have to deviate from normal regulations due to personal circumstances such as:

  • You did not register (in time) for a course, but there are (special) personal circumstances that prevented you from doing so.
  • You have not been admitted to an additional test, but believe that you can be admitted on the ground of serious personal circumstances.
  • You have taken part in a catch-up test and believe that you are entitled to make a supplementary test.
  • You don't agree with the policies during a course or with the decision of a course coordinator.
  • You didn't fulfill the requirements, for instance being present during a working group, and are not allowed to take further part in the course. When you believe that - on the basis of serious personal circumstances - an exception should be made, you can send in a request for taking part in the course. This request is first proposed to the coordinator. If you don't agree with the result, you can make a request at the study programme.

NOTE: If you are not able to be present at a test, you have to deregister for this test. In this deregistration (see practical information/academic policies and procedures/testing), you can also make a special request for a supplementary test.

  • We check whether the tutor or study adviser is familiar with the special circumstances.
  • Requests on the ground of special circumstances with which the study advisor or tutor is not familiar are not further dealt with. In other cases, we check the request at the teacher or coordinator.
  • Where necessary, we check your progress in Osiris.
  • Requests that are submitted by third parties including parents, will not be processed.

The regulation is set up in addition to - and not as a replacement for - the faculty complaints procedure. If your problems with the study programme  cannot be solved, you can submit a formal complaint or appeal to the faculty.

Objections to a decision of the study programme or requests for reconsideration of a decision will not be considered by the study programme. If you have received a formal decision from the study programme with which you disagree, you can lodge an objection with the official University Complaints, Objections and Appeals Regulations, within six weeks after the decision has been sent.

Use the form to submit your request to the study programme: