In the Master’s programme Social, Health and Organisational Psychology you can choose between three tracks and opt for two elective courses. All the faculty’s elective courses are worth 5 ECTS. Your elective courses partly depend on which track you choose.

Choose your track

When you apply for the Master’s programme Social, Health and Organisational Psychology you have to choose one of the three tracks (Social Influence/ Health Promotion/Work and Organisation). Once you have been admitted to a track it is not possible to switch to another track. It is not possible to graduate in more than one track. You have the opportunity, however, to take electives from the other two tracks.

Enrolment in elective courses

You can enrol in your elective courses from Thursday 28 October at 8:00 a.m. to Wednesday 3 November at 11:59 p.m. via OSIRIS-student.


It is not possible to enrol in more than two electives.

The number of students admitted to a course is limited. If you enrol in an elective course during the enrolment period in October you can choose your working group yourself. If that working group turns out to be full at the time of enrolment, you can try to enrol in another working group. If all working groups are already full, you will have to choose a different course.

Course Course code
Anxiety and related disorders (period 3 course) 201600817
Cognitive Neuropsychiatry (period 3 course) 201800819
Criminology and Safety (theories, trends and policies) 201500009
Developmental Neuropsychology 201800818
Educational Design & Consultancy 201600024
Energy: politics, infrastructure, and change 202100005
Essentials of Care: Analysing Current Policy Trends 201800018
Integration and Cultural Diversity 201500154
Internet, Social Media and Networks 201600017
Interventions in Diverse Contexts 201800474
Juvenile Forensic Psychopathology 201800473
Loss and Psychotrauma 201500816
Methodological and Statistical Aspects of Social Science Research 201700039
Neuropsychologische revalidatie (in Dutch) 201800820
Nudging 201500812
Organization Development 201700822
Philosophy of the Social Sciences 201600160
Qualitative Research Methods 201700162
Research in a Commercial Setting 201800485
Social Influence, Public Communication and Advertising 201700824
Youth, Education and Society 03: Prevention 3.0: Perspectives & Design 201600403

Your elective choices within your Master’s programme can also comprise a Master’s course at another faculty or academic university in the Netherlands. The course attended must be worth at least 5 EC, but may also be 7.5 EC.

If you want to choose a course at a different department / faculty within Utrecht University for your elective choices in your Master’s programme, you should take the enrolment period into account. Do not forget that a course may be full during the late enrolment period.

Recommended course for all social science students:

Neighbourhoods and crime (Social Geography, GEO4-3316)
This course examines crime from a social geographic perspective, focusing on the spatial aspects of crime in a metropolitan context. In particular, this course addresses the question of how specific physical and social composition of city neighbourhoods relate to crime.

This course is offered by GEO sciences. You can register for this course by sending an email to before 19 October 2020.

Earth Sciences

Please select the Master's programme of your choice and check the admission requirements. Please mail any queries to Ingrid Beekman (

Human Geography and Spatial Planning

To follow a course in Geography and Spatial Planning, you must meet the requirements. Please select the Master's programme of your choice and check the admission requirements. Please mail any queries to Erika van Middelkoop (

Innovation, Environmental and Energy Science

This covers the following Master’s programmes:

  • Innovation Sciences
  • Energy Science
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Business & Innovation
  • Water Science & Management

To attend courses of one of these Master’s programmes, you must meet the entrance requirements. Check the course description in OSIRIS to find out which entrance requirements apply.


An application for Pharmacy courses can be submitted to These courses are subject to strict admission requirements (in Dutch). You should check beforehand whether you meet these conditions.


You can only attend Humanities courses if you meet the admission requirements. Please contact the Humanities Student Information Desk via and attach the course coordinator’s enrolment permission. The Student Desk team will then enroll you for the course.

For more information about the entrance requirements and the course coordinator, check the course description in OSIRIS.

Need help? Use the planning tool

Use the Course Planner to help you plan the elective course into your schedule. Log in first (at the top right of the screen), then read the instructions in the manual (pdf) or watch the instruction video.