During your internship, you will work as a junior psychologist in one of the practical or research fields of Social, Health and/or Organisational Psychology. You will apply knowledge and skills acquired in Social, Health and/or Organisational Psychology in a work setting. You will also further develop your professional skills. Professional and scientific reflection are important aspects of your internship.

It is important that you take an active approach to obtain an internship in time. We will offer you support during your search for internship by posting vacancies and by offering lectures, tutorials and guidance. The following information may be helpful to prepare for your internship. 

What are my options?

Before you start looking for an internship you need to know what your options are. Read the requirements and different options carefully. 

When should I start looking for an internship? 

You are advised to orient on internship opportunities before you start with the programme. For international students and students who aim to conduct their internship abroad it is particularly important to start your internship search well in advance. However, we advise you to wait with the actual application process until September (unless you aim to participate in our ‘Impactful Training & Coaching’ programme (see 'Are there different kinds of internships' above). In September, you will receive additional information and guidance that will help you obtain an internship. The internship itself should be scheduled in the second semester.

How do I find an internship?  

The following steps may be helpful in the search for an internship:

What do graduates say about their internships?

Read the experiences of students about their internship here:

Internship abroad? Register in OSIRIS

If you want to do an internship abroad, you must register your stay in OSIRIS. More information about the registration procedure can be found on the Study abroad page.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions left after reading this information, please contact the internship coordinator of your master track: