The Social, Health and Organisational Psychology Master’s Programme focuses on human behaviour in various social environments. In this programme, you will gain, improve and specialise your skills regarding the social, work and organisational psychology. On graduating, you will be able to analyse and solve psychology-related issues in both the community and in organisations.


As a specialisation, you will be able to choose one of the following three tracks during the Master’s programme:

Social Influence track

The Social Influence track specialises in improving your insight in Social Psychology, which deals with questions related to the ways people consciously and subconsciously influence each other’s behaviour. Related topics include theories regarding social influence, attitude changes, and the development of theory-driven interventions by means of the Problem-Analysis-Test-Help Model (PATH).

This track is based on the research programme Social-cognitive and Interpersonal Determinants of Behaviour.

Health Promotion track

About improving health-related behaviour.

This track is based on the research programme Health psychology and Self-regulation.

Work and Organisation track

This track specialises in improving your insight in the Organisational Psychology, which deals with the causes and consequences of certain behaviour within organisations; these behaviours are analysed on the individual, team, and organisation-wide levels.

Studied topics include workload, performance and employer well-being, as well as using the PATH Model to analyse theory-driven interventions on team and organisation-wide levels.

This track is based on the research programme Work and Organisational Psychology: Occupational Health Psychology.