Each academic year, you will have a maximum of two opportunities to take a (midterm) test:

  • one regular test
  • one additional test

If circumstances have prevented you from participating in one of the tests, you can submit a request for an extra test.

Participation in the regular and additional tests

To be allowed to participate in the regular test, you must comply with the conditions stated in the course handbook on Blackboard.

If you have fulfilled all obligations to perform to the best of your ability during the course, and if you are nonetheless awarded a failing mark of at least 4.0 (without rounding up), you will be given a once-only possibility to sit an additional test. You will be automatically enrolled for this. You don’t qualify for an additional test if you have been awarded a pass.

In the case of a “failed” final score after the regular test and the additional test, you will have to retake the entire course the following academic year. Grades obtained for midterm tests expire at the end of the academic year, on 31 August.

Deregistration and participation in the extra test

If an illness or an other circumstance prevent you from participating in the regular test or additional test, you can deregister from the test and submit a request for an extra test. This extra test will then replace the regular or additional test.

The faculty has rules that apply to deregistering from a test. For example, each academic year, a student can only deregister from a test due to illness once. Please carefully read the rules below before deregistering from a test.