Part of the Master’s Project in periods 3 and 4 is an internship. The internship will usually take place at an external organisation but can also be conducted internally, with one of the researchers at the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science. Moreover, internships can be either practice-oriented or research-oriented.

Possible internship placements

A wide variety of internship placements are available, and you also have the possibility of finding your own internship. Possibilities for internship placements include: 

  • government agencies;
  • research organisations in the social sector;
  • knowledge institutes and other non-governmental organisations (e.g. Movisie, Rutgers, STI AIDS Netherlands).
  • Government agencies (e.g., Netherlands Institute for Social Research, National Institute for Public Health and Environment)
  • Municipal governments (e.g., social development, public health)
  • Research organizations in the social sector (e.g. in health, education)Knowledge institutes and other non-governmental organizations (e.g., Movisie, Rutgers, STI AIDS Netherlands)

It is important to note that students are personally responsible for securing their internship. We will support you throughout the year, with an internship officer dedicated specifically to this topic. Nevertheless, securing an internship can be challenging and you will need to put in plenty of effort.

Internships in other countries

Do you want to go abroad for an internship or do an internship in your home country? There are a number of internship placements abroad available each year, with students interning at organisations in countries such as Australia, Germany, Hungary, the UK, the US and Belgium. There are also a limited number of internship placements in South Africa every year, with these two organizations:

  • University of Johannesburg, Centre for Social Development in Africa
  • Ndlovu Care Group & Ndlovu Research Consortium, South Africa

Of course you can also make your own arrangements for an internship position.

Register in OSIRIS

If you want to do an internship abroad, you must register your stay in OSIRIS. More information about the registration procedure can be found on the Study abroad page.