Study programme

The theoretical core courses will provide you with specific insights into social issues. These core courses are:

  • Future in a globalised world
  • Sustainability and socialcontestation
  • Citizenship and sovereignty
  • Practicing anthropology

In the courses Doing ethnography and Research design (terms 1 and 2), you will translate your insights into a concrete problem and research questions. On the basis of an accepted research proposal, you will gather ethnographic data during a fieldwork period or research internship of approximately fourteen weeks. You will report on your findings in terms 3 and 4, which will eventually lead to your Master's thesis.

In the courses Doing ethnography and Research design and in the continuous Academic professional module (terms 1 to 4), you will learn to make connections between conducting research and translating findings into practical recommendations. Along with classic anthropological methods and skills, you will gain more in-depth knowledge of applied and practice-focused skills in the courses Doing ethnography and Research design (terms 1 and 2).

Research locations will be selected in consultation with the supervisor, with a large number of students conducting research in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Europe (including the Netherlands).


You will meet and learn from professional anthropologists and other experts in a series of masterclasses, they focus on e.g. engaged, applied and corporate anthropology.

Entry requirements of courses

You can only participate in the Ethnographic Fieldwork and Thesis after you have passed the theoretical core courses: Future in a globalized world, Sustainability and social contestation, Citizenship and sovereignty, and Practicing anthropology.