Sustainability is one of the key concepts of our times, although a contested one. As the product of concerns about environmental degradation, climate alteration, rising socioeconomic inequalities, increasing mobility, and accelerated change, the term has many different meanings and imperatives: our lifeworlds must be environment-friendly, but also economic viable and socially equitable.

This Master’s programme in Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship therefore employs an integrated understanding. It focuses on the triangle of People, Planet, and Profit, pointing out that sustainability has not only an environmental meaning, but also an economic and sociocultural one.

As such, the programme seeks to understand how citizens worldwide are negotiating and restructuring their living environment to be safe and sustainable at the same time. It incorporates both local and global understandings of sustainability and, in doing so, scrutinizes various expressions of active citizenship in working towards sustainability around the world.