Below is an overview of the courses offered. Click on the course code for a full description. Pay close attention to the previous experience required for each course. To enrol for a Master’s degree course, you need permission from the course coordinator. His or her contact information can be found in the course description.


To enrol in a course, contact us at after the Master’s registration period on November 2nd. If you have permission from the course coordinator and there is still space on the course, you can qualify for enrolment.

Period Course Course code
2 Educational Design & Consultancy 201600024
2 Interventions in Diverse Social Contexts 201800474
2 Juvenile Forensic Psychopathology 201800473
2 Loss and psychotrauma 201500816
2 Nudging 201500812
2 Organization Development: Monitoring and Changing Culture and Behavior 201700822
2 Research in a Commercial Setting 201800485
2 Social influence, Public Communication and Advertising 201700824