Neuropsychology investigates the relationship between the brain and behaviour. This covers a range of psychological functions such as perception, memory, thinking, language processing, attention, emotions and motor skills. Neuropsychology examines:

  • how these functions are carried out by the brain;

  • the consequences of damage to the brain for these functions;

  • how cognitive disorders as a consequence of brain dysfunction can be assessed and treated.

Such disorders may be the result of an accident, a stroke, degeneration in the brain (for example in Alzheimer’s disease) or abnormalities during neural development.

Neuropsychology and the assessment and treatment of cognitive problems is becoming increasingly relevant as a consequence of improved medical care. Many patients who would have died in the past currently survive, albeit with relatively serious disabilities. In addition, the general ageing of the population results in more age-related diseases which impact on cognitive function, making neuropsychological assessment and treatment more relevant.

This programme offers substantive depth and practical or research-related work experience in the area of neuropsychology. Attention is given to neuropsychological disorders in children, and in neurological and psychiatric patients. In addition, the most recent scientific insights into brain-behaviour relationships and their repercussions for the clinical practice are introduced.

Practical experience can be acquired during a six-month internship (four days per week). This internship can have a clinical character, and it can be carried out in a care institution. A second variant is a research/innovation internship, which emphasises the acquisition of further research skills or applying neuropsychological knowledge to innovate assessment and treatment of cognitive deficits. Research experience is also acquired in the Master’s thesis (3 months full-time).

The programme is provided by the Utrecht Neuropsychology Group. This group is also responsible for the Neuropsychological Clinic (out-patient and in-patient) of the Neurology Section of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU).

The research is incorporated in the Helmholtz Institute.