The Master’s thesis is the critical and final test of this programme. It is written in the form of a research article for an international scholarly journal, and is supervised by staff members who are senior fellows in the various research programmes within the Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Biomedical Department, or staff members at another research institute.

Thesis Defence

You will defend your thesis during the Thesis Defence at the end of your second year. During this defence for your fellow students and teachers, a member of the Board of Studies will also be present. They will present you with several questions regarding your thesis.

Grading your thesis

The final grade for your thesis is given by the members of the Boards of Studies, after consultation of the supervisor and is based on the degree of it being publishable in an international journal. A standard form for the evaluation of the thesis has been developed by the Board of Studies and can be found in the course manual of Master's Thesis.