If you are searching for a research position, or a job where evaluating research is an important part of your work, you will greatly improve your opportunities and understanding by taking the Minor Methods and Statistics in the Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Future employers will favour you above others if you have taken this Minor, especially if you wish to enrol in a Research Master's programme or wish to apply for a PhD position. The Minor will prepare you for the Research Master's programme and jobs in which conducting research plays an important role.

Also, this Minor will prepare you for doing research in practice. How to do an interview? Or design a questionnaire? These are all skills that will be useful in doing research for your thesis and beyond.

The M&S Minor programme will teach you how to translate research questions into a research design. You will get to know the methods and statistics required to analyse empirical data. You will learn how to analyse and interpret the data. And you will learn how best to report on your findings.

In this Minor you will get to master different academic skills; attending classes in English, using computer technology, project planning, sticking to the deadlines, teamwork, making a research design, data analyses, writing and presenting research reports, and using software for data analyses (other than SPSS).

The Minor Methods and Statistics in the Social and Behavioural Sciences is accessible to students of the Faculty of Social Sciences, but also to students of the University College and to national (other universities) and international exchange students.

The Minor is intended for everyone who is interested in doing research in practice, and will prepare you for doing a Research Master's programme.

From building your own models to conducting your own survey, from dealing with missing data to qualitative research. In my opinion, the minor Methods & Statistics deals with all things a sophisticated and high-quality researcher needs. Professors are involved, and teach in an entertaining yet informed manner. To all students that are interested in doing research: you cannot miss this minor!
Max van der Velde
Max van der Velde (student)

This Minor consists of four courses (listed below). To fulfil the Minor, successful completion of all four of these courses is required.

Code Course Blok Level Coordinator
200300125 Theory construction and statistical modelling 1C 3 Dr. Leoniek Wijngaards
200500126 Conducting a survey 2C 3 Dr. Vera Toepoel
201500130 Missing data theory and causal effects 3C 3 Dr. Gerko Vink
201000129 Doing a qualitative research project 4A 3 Drs. Hidde Leplaa

Experiences of Max van der Velde (student):

"I believe one of the most important aspects of social sciences are the methods behind it. I gained this experience from the Methods & Statistics minor of Utrecht University. During this minor I came across many different aspects of research, taking into account different forms of data-analysis, data collection and methods of social sciences. You can learn as much as you like, you get a lot of freedom and the emphasis lies in acquiring skills."

Experiences of Bart du Chatinier (alumnus):

"I chose a Minor in methods and statistics to learn more about the essential framework of any research. No matter how educated a researcher is, he / she needs a framework to reach any conclusion. Enjoying the considerations and possibilities of methods & statistics, I chose to learn even more about the choices a researcher has."

Practical knowledge of how to use SPSS to execute multiple regression and analysis of variance, and knowledge of how to interpret SPSS output is required for all courses. All students should be able to understand, speak and write in English. The precise entry requirements for each of the courses are given in the course descriptions that can be found under Study Programme.

For the course 'Doing a Qualitative research project' methodological knowledge at the level of first year bachelor courses is required. For the other courses methodological and statistical knowledge at the level of first- and second-year bachelor courses is required. Furthermore, theoretical knowledge of multivariate statistics and more specifically multiple regression, and analysis of variance is required.

In science, everyone hunts for amazing discoveries. However, theoretical knowledge and goodwill is not enough. Only with a well-considered design and an appropriate analysis one's able to make the proper conclusions. Within this Minor, I was able to enlarge my 'statistical toolbox'. Science can be complex, thankfully there is a way out. By learning more about statistics, one gets closer to an amazing discovery.
Bart du Chatinier (Alumnus)

Students of Utrecht University

Apply for this Minor via OSIRIS. There you will find the tab `subscribe to Minors’. Your subscription to the Minor does not automatically mean that you are also enrolled to the courses within the Minor. You will have to enrol in the courses separately. Please take into account the periods of enrolment.

Students outside of Utrecht University

Enrol for the courses through our application form at OSIRIS Online Application (visit our subsidiary courses page for more information). Use the same application form to apply for the Minor. After your form is processed, the Student Information Point will enrol you for the Minor.

Minor Declaration

When you have passed all courses in a minor, you can apply for a minor declaration.

More information

For further information, please contact Vera Toepoel (v.toepoel@uu.nl).

Look at the website of the two-year Master's programme Methods and Statistics in the Social and Behavioural Sciences.