The minor International Perspectives on Youth and Education is an interdisciplinary minor that combines insights from educational sciences and pedagogical sciences. In this minor you will experience how the study of youth and education takes a different course as our world becomes more global and culturally diverse, and as media seem to take over part of the traditional spaces children grow up in.

Questions as: What is optimal development in different cultures worldwide and how does this impact up on the educational infrastructures and services, as our societies grow more diverse?’ ‘How do larger international organizations impact upon our educational systems and decision making?’ and ‘How do media impact upon children’s wellbeing apart from traditional settings of socialization such as the family and schools?’  are addressed in this minor.

The minor develops a comparative perspective on youth and education including cross-cultural and cross-national levels. You will learn how cultural diversity plays a role in multi-cultural societies for issues of child raising, parenting and education. You will also be acquainted with how the effects of media on children’s wellbeing play out in culturally different settings. And finally, you will be familiarized with how global or international developments affect teaching and learning across continents and countries. Apart from these disciplinary orientations, you will be offered qualitative methodological skills which allow you do analyse and study this kind of cross-cultural and cross-national dimensions of education and pedagogy.

The minor consists of four out of the following five courses (7.5 ECTS each):

There are no entrance requirements.

Utrecht University students can apply for the minor and the courses online via OSIRIS Student.


Your subscription to the minor does not automatically mean that you are also enrolled to the courses within the minor. You will have to enrol in the courses separately. Please take into account the periods of enrolment.
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Students from other Universities

Students from other Universities can enrol for the courses through our application form at OSIRIS Online Application (visit our subsidiary courses page for more information). Use the same application form to apply for the minor. After your form is processed, the Student Information Point will enrol you for the minor.

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