Interdisciplinary Social Science offers a Minor in Health, Behaviour and Society, in collaboration with Psychology and Geosciences. This Minor is particularly appealing for all Interdisciplinary Social Science students with an interest in public health, or health and wellbeing in the broader sense.

The Minor Health, Behaviour, and Society provides an excellent background for students from social sciences and related disciplines with an interest in public health.

Although being healthy is highly appreciated in our society, people may experience serious difficulties in leading a healthy lifestyle, which is due to the complex interplay between individual factors of behaviour change, social arrangements, and the physical environment (e.g., urban design).

Society calls for graduates with novel multidisciplinary insights to tackle the problem of improving healthy lifestyles by combining knowledge from psychology, interdisciplinary social science, and human geography. In the Minor Health, Behaviour and Society students will learn to adopt such a broad multidisciplinary perspective.

Students will learn to reflect on how the health of individuals and communities can be improved by combining insights from psychology, interdisciplinary social science, and human geography. Specifically, students will learn about:

  • individual health behaviour including the psychological factors that drive people’s behaviour such as motivation, emotion and self-regulation;
  • the more distal drivers of health, including the social relations and structural arrangements affecting people’s health and their relation with individual level processes;
  • insights from human geography about how the physical environment and urban design affects individual behaviour.

Moreover, students will learn about the complex interplay between people and their physical and social environment from a holistic perspective. This Minor offers an excellent preparation for the Master's programme Social, Health, and Organizational Psychology, particularly the Health Promotion track.

Obligatory courses

Self-regulation in health behaviour - Psychology, teaching period 2 (Semester 1, 2nd half)
Geographies of Health - Geosciences, teaching period 2 (Semester 1, 2nd half)
Topical issues in Health Psychology - Psychology, teaching period 3  (Semester 2, 1st half)
Health in Society - Interdisciplinary Social Science, teaching period 4 (Semester 2, 2nd half)

There are no special requirements for this Minor.

Utrecht University students can register for the Minor and the courses online via OSIRIS Student.

The courses do not necessarily need to be taken in this order, nor do they need to be taken in the same academic year. When you have taken each of these four courses when finishing your Bachelor, you receive your Minor.


First you have to register for the Minor to see if it is possible to enrol. Your subscription to the Minor does not automatically mean that you are also enrolled to the courses within the Minor. You will have to enrol in the courses separately. Please take into account the periods of enrolment.

You will find the course descriptions in the OSIRIS Course Catalogue.

Students from other Universities

Students from other Universities can enrol for the courses through our application form at OSIRIS Online Application (visit our subsidiary courses page for more information). Use the same application form to apply for the Minor.
After your form is processed, the Student Information Point will enrol you for the Minor.

Further information
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