During the Faculty Introduction you’ll receive access to online ICT-knowlegde videos. You will learn to work with the facultary ICT-tools you will need while studying here. There will be a demonstration of online systems such as Blackboard, MyTimetable and Osiris, and there will be information about your scientific rights and duties.

Bring Your Own Device

We expect you to bring a laptop to the university if you are doing a computer course. As a UU student, you will be able to access practically all study software everywhere free of charge via your laptop.

Check the frequently asked questions about using your own laptop. 

Students website

Keep an eye on the website of your programme at students.uu.nl. Here you'll find lots of information relevant to your study, such as the study programme, the course overview , internship info, the Education and Examination Regulations, and much more.


Blackboard is the online learning environment of utrecht University. It contains inforamtion about all courses you are enrolled in. Log in with your Solis-id and password. Read the Blackboard manual for more information.

een elektronische leeromgeving van de UU. Hier vind je alle informatie over cursussen waarvoor je bent ingeschreven. Je kunt inloggen met je Solis-id en wachtwoord. Meer informatie vind je in de handleiding.


Osiris Student is Utrecht University's study information system which keeps track of all your results. In Osiris, you also register for courses and tests and consult the Course Catalogue. Read the Osiris manual (in Dutch) for more information.


MyTimetable is the timetable website of Utrecht University. Log on using your Solis-id and password. You can connect MyTimetable to your personal digital calendar. On the ‘Help’ page in MyTimetable you will find elaborate instructions. You may get an error when connecting to Google Calendar. If that happens, try again.

MyUU app

In the MyUU app for students you will find your grades from OSIRIS and your personal timetable. You can download the app from the app stores of Android and Apple. Once installed you log in with your Solis-id and password.