You are expected to buy your own study books. Make sure you buy the required books on time, since you usually need them already in the first week. 

Which textbooks do I require?

There are two places to find this information:

1. Check the Course Catalogue

​All the materials required to take part in a course are listed under the section 'Required materials' of each course description. The Course Catalogue presents all of the subject descriptions. Check your education programme to find a schedule of your courses.

2. Visit Blackboard

After your enrolment, you'll get access to Blackboard. Blackboard contains an overview of your courses, with course descriptions and a list of required material (books) provided for each course.

3. Visit the Studystore

At the studystore, all courses and required materials are arranged by period. You can order them online. Please note! Make sure you only buy books that you really need.