In the academic Master's programme in Educational Sciences, theoretical and research-based deepening of knowledge is combined with academic work activities in the context of designing learning environments and learning in organisations. You will acquire theoretical knowledge on matters as: the design of learning environments, the development of professionals, assessment and change management.

The Master's programme is taught in English and can also be followed part-time. It consists of the following components:

Instructional design and evaluation (period 1)
Learning in Organisations (period 1)
Educational Design and Consultancy (period 2)
An elective course (period 2)
Master's thesis research project (period 2) and Master's thesis (periods 3-4)
Internship (periods 3-4)
Academic Professional Educational Sciences (periods 3-4)

The teaching programme is shown in this table.

The Master's programme in Educational Sciences can also be taken part-time.

In the first year of the part-time programme you will enrol in Instructional Design and Evaluation in period 1 and the course Educational Design and Consultancy in period 2. During period 2 you will also start your Master's thesis research project. Once the research plan has been completed with a passing mark, you can start writing the thesis (periods 3 and 4) which is concluded at the end of the year with a conference.

In the second year you will enrol in Learning in Organisations in period 1 and an elective in period 2. From period 3 you will commence your internship.

In the first and second year you will also take part in the Academic Professional linking module. Variations to this schedule are allowed by agreement only.

Note: The degree programme aims for teaching to be during the day, between 9 am and 7 pm. Where possible, teaching will be on Wednesdays (however, the degree programme cannot guarantee set teaching days).