Financial matters

Financial problems due to the outbreak of the corona virus

As a student, you may find yourself in financial difficulties because your income from a secondary job, for example, is now disappearing, while the costs of rent continue. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is well aware of this. DUO is making every effort to help students and will take their personal situation into account. You can make use of DUO's loan possibilities and increase your loan. If necessary, retroactively from the beginning of the academic year. In addition, you can apply for tuition credit. You can arrange this yourself via myDUO. If this is still insufficient, you can contact DUO for a customised solution.

In the event of a study delay that cannot be prevented as a result of the corona crisis (e.g. because an internship or practicum cannot be replaced), the profiling fund can be used. You may only apply once your study delay has already increased, i.e. at the earliest from academic year 2020-2021.

Extra contributions in addition to tuition fees

Regarding financial contributions in addition to tuition fees, Utrecht University has drawn up a guideline on extra contributions in addition to tuition fees (pdf, 216 kB).
The guidline contains the starting points Utrecht University uses and an explanation of when and under what conditions it is allowed to charge extra fees.