The two-year programme is divided into four semesters. The curriculum comprises three major components:

  • theoretical models and advanced theoretical topics;
  • advanced research methods (both quantitative and qualitative);
  • the preparation of a Master's thesis.

EdSci combines high-level coursework with hands-on research skill and competence development.

There are four parallel courses in each of the two semesters of the first year:

  • Theories in learning
  • Introduction to Educational Neuroscience
  • Teachers and Teaching, and
  • Differences in learning.

Two courses of the first year are devoted to methods and statistics: Multivariate Statistics, Multi-level and Structural Equation Modelling.

The remaining two courses are Research Practicals, integrating the knowledge and insights from the theoretical and methodological courses.

During year 2, you follow one theoretical course: Interaction in blended and online learning environments. In addition, you have two Elective Courses which you can use for:

  • a research traineeship in a senior faculty member's research project or in a research centre abroad;
  • a traineeship in the practice or policy field;
  • a clinical research traineeship; or
  • following courses in another research Master's programme.

The programme concludes with writing a Master’s thesis in the form of a publishable article for an international scholarly journal.

Both internship and the work for the Master's thesis can be carried out abroad.

Throughout the programme, various electronic learning environments are used to support you in collaborative study assignments, and to allow you to experiment with these innovative learning and instruction tools.

The courses have an intensive format with written (research) assignments, class presentations, final papers, written exams, or short exercises. For each course a course manual is available in the electronic learning environment Blackboard. In these manuals you will find more detailed information about the content, aims and structure of the course.