The internship is an essential component of the Master's programme in which you will make your first steps as a scientist practitioner. You will apply scientific knowledge in a professional environment and will further develop yourself into a clinical practitioner. During the internship you learn to relate theory to practice, acquire new skills, and learn how to reflect on yourself and your personal development.  

We apply a 'bring your own' policy, which means that you are responsible for finding an internship placement yourself. It is essential that you start looking for a suitable internship in time. The following information may be helpful. 

What are my options?

Before you start looking for an internship you need to know what your options are. Read the requirements and different options carefully.

When should I start looking for an internship? 

Dutch students can start their internship either in the first or second semester. We strongly advise Dutch students to begin the internship immediately in September (the first semester). You can also start in the second semester, but from experience we know that placements at that time are scarce and the competition is fierce. Internships abroad should be scheduled in the second semester, after the coursework has been completed.

It is vital that you start orientating for an internship position in time; preferably as early as February or March before the start of the programme. Unfortunately, you don't know whether you will be admitted to the master's until the beginning of June. The admission process to the master cannot be accelerated. Therefore, in case you have an interview for a potential internship before you know whether you are admitted to the master, we advise you to discuss this matter with the organisation. The Dutch organisations with whom we have a partnership will start recruiting new interns after the beginning of June.

International students should start looking for an internship while they are still in their home country as this makes the search considerably easier.

How do I find an internship?  

 As mentioned before, you are responsible for obtaining a suitable place to conduct your internship. English-language internships are very scarce in the Netherlands and if you do not master the Dutch language sufficiently you are urged to find a suitable place for doing your clinical internship in the country you speak the language of.

The following steps may be helpful in the search for an internship:

Internship abroad? Register in OSIRIS

If you want to do an internship abroad, you must register your stay in OSIRIS. More information about the registration procedure can be found on the Study abroad page.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions left after reading this information, please contact the internship coordinators Katja Sikkenga and Lonneke van Tuijl at