How can mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and grieving problems best be studied and treated? How can we prevent it from occurring, improve treatment results and prevent relapse?

These and similar kinds of questions you will address in the Master’s programme Clinical Psychology. You will acquire and develop fundamental knowledge and skills in evidence-based psychotherapies and become familiar with the research methods in the field of clinical psychology.

In a variety of courses in the Clinical Psychology programme, you will study relevant theoretical models, concepts and themes and the associated empirical findings. You will learn to make an independent contribution to problem analyses, diagnosis and psychotherapeutic treatment of psychological problems and disorders. You will work towards becoming a scientist-practitioner, applying critical scientific thinking in concrete situations of mental health and illness.

We also devote considerable attention to working in a team. You will do an internship in clinical practice or in a research organisation. While conducting your thesis research, you will gain considerable experience with designing and carrying out an empirical study and reporting your results.