The Master’s programme in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology focuses primarily on the diagnosis of and provision of care and support services to children and adolescents, often with problematic development.

The programme proceeds from the scientific knowledge base of developmental psychology and developmental psychopathology.

This empirical-scientific knowledge is translated to the practice of care and support services, focusing on the optimisation of normal development, the adjustment and prevention of problematic development and the actualisation of developmental possibilities.

Translation to the courses

The various teaching modules emphasise expanding the base of knowledge concerning deviant development of child and adolescent behaviours and mental processes, psychological diagnostics and the effectiveness of prevention of and intervention in a variety of problems.

Attention is also paid to the culture­ specific character of many instruments, current developments in legislation, regulations and policy that could have an influence on the development of young people and the role of behavioural scientists.

Case studies are used to make the translation to practice. The practical internship plays an important role in this regard.