Study programme

The entire programme consists of 60 EC.

The programme table shows all elements of the programme (including their order throughout the academic year).

Block 1Block 2Block 3Block 4Year-round
Critical Thinking for Clinical Professionals (5 EC)Elective course (5 EC) / Diagnostic Registration (5 EC)Clinical professional in different contexts (5 EC)n/a         Academic Professional (3.5 EC) / Juveniles and Law (1.5 EC) / Internship (20 EC) / Thesis (20 EC)

Aim of the programme

After completing the Master’s programme you are skilled to make a considerable academic contribution in analysing issues in raising and socializing children, preventing impact of risk factors, and supporting and guiding the parents, children or adolescents and professionals involved.

We expect that all students are motivated to work on specific skills to fulfil the aims of the courses and the Master’s programme. Besides, we assume your awareness of the rules in the programme.