Ethnographic fieldwork

Ethnographic field research is a key component of the CASTOR Research Master's programme. The research project will allow students to train and enhance their empirical research capabilities by applying anthropological field research methods and techniques.

Choosing your subject of research

In general students are free to choose their subject, approach and location of research, as long as they fall within the general scope of CASTOR. Permission to start the research project depends on approval of the research proposal by the Board of Studies, and on a positive assessment by the supervisor and programme coordinator about its feasibility and safety in the chosen country or location. Field sites are subjected to the travel advisory of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Some practical advice

  • The student is responsible for making the proper arrangements for a stay abroad. The department / faculty can only advise you in these matters. For instance: make sure you are properly insured. Student Information Point Social and Behavioural Sciences (STIP) is a good place to go for advice on arranging a stay abroad. Another source of useful information regarding practical matters is the University International Office.
  • Looking for ways to finance your stay abroad? Utrecht University does not offer financial support for fieldwork abroad. We advise you to check the internet for tips (for instance Beursopener offers a searchable database of possible funds and scholarships).
  • When you go abroad, make sure that before departure your whereabouts are registered at the Faculty Student Information Desk. This information should be passed on via the programme coordinator.
  • If you make use of a public transport card as part of your DUO student grant, it is possible to cancel this arrangement temporarily (i.e. the period you will be abroad). For this you will need to fill out a form you can find on the DUO site and have it signed via the Student Desk at the latest two months prior to your departure.