Changing your information

Change of address

If you are moving house, please change your details in Studielink and in OSIRIS* (‘Personal details’ tab). You should also register your new address with the Municipal Personal Records Database (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie, GBA). This is particularly important for your information registered in Studielink and for receiving your student grant. The fact that you are moving house may mean that you are eligible for a student grant for students not living at home because you no longer live with your parents. 

*You only need to fill in your ‘study address’. This is the address at which you live and wish to receive post from the university. The ‘second address’ is no longer used. If you have already changed your address in OSIRIS Student, you no longer have to inform the university of the change of address by post.

Change of account number

If you would like to change the number of the account you use for payments, please send a written request to:

Centrale Studenten Administratie
Postbus 80011
3508 TA Utrecht