During a Master’s thesis, you will proceed through the entire scientific cycle, from deriving a relevant research question from the literature, to developing experiments to answer these questions and relating the results back to theory.

For additional information on arranging your thesis, please contact the Course Coordinator for the Master’s programme, Dr Stella Donker.


It is important to start searching for a thesis position early. If you are planning to enter the Master’s programme in Applied Cognitive Psychology, you should contact the internship and thesis coordinator, Dr Stella Donker, as soon as possible, before searching for a thesis position.

Ethical review

From 1 September 2020, all Bachelor's and (research) Master's students must have their thesis project ethically reviewed by the FERB through the online tool UU-SER. More information about the procedure and associated protocols can be found on the Student Ethics Review & Registration Site (UU-SER) website.