In the Master’s programme in Applied Cognitive Psychology, you will learn to translate fundamental knowledge on the operation of our brains and bodies to situations and problems that occur in everyday practice, and vice versa. In addition, you will be introduced to day-to-day research practice in a company, institution or institute through active participation in a research project.

  • decision-making
  • signal detection
  • ergonomics
  • information theory
  • sensory psychology
  • conducting research within a commercial environment
  • image data
  • visual ergonomics of advertisements

Through lectures, external speakers from professional practice, assignments, an internship and a thesis, you will learn how psychological knowledge can be applied in practice and how a question from practice can be investigated in an experimental setting.

During the internship, you will participate in research in the area of Applied Cognitive Psychology. Internships may be completed externally (i.e. in companies and research institutions), as well as internally (i.e. corresponding to ongoing research).

The thesis begins with formulating a relevant research question from practice or that corresponds to the research of one of the experimental psychology lecturers.

The Experimental Psychology section at Utrecht university is one of the sections within the Department Psychology.

Experimental Psychology:

  • is specialised in the fundamental, clinical and applied aspects of cognition and perception, memory and emotions;
  • conducts research with a highly exact character, focusing on the relationship between the brain on the one hand and behaviour and thought on the other;
  • engages in considerable collaboration with the other psychological sections, as well as with the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Medicine (UMC Utrecht).

The section’s staff members teach within the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Psychology (with the Master’s programme in Neuropsychology and the Master’s programme in Applied Cognitive Psychology), as well as in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (CAI), the Science programme of University College Utrecht, the Research Master’s programme in Neuroscience and Cognition and in the post-doctoral programmes of the RINO.