You can find changing foodtrucks on three locations in De Uithof. Hoi Anh (Vietnamese street food), Broodje Ben (fresh bread rolls) and Tour de la Frite (fresh traditional organic fries) alternate. There are no foodtrucks in holiday periods. 

Heidelberglaan (close to main entrance Langeveld building)

  • Monday and Friday: broodje Ben
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Tour de la Frite
  • Thursday: Hoi Anh

Genèvelaan (close toThe Basket)

  • Tuesday: Broodje Ben
  • Thursday: Tour de la Frite
  • Friday: Hoi Anh
  • Monday and Wednesday: nofoodtruck

Padualaan (close to the Hogeschool Utrecht)

  • Monday and Tuesday: Hoi Anh
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Broodje Ben
  • Friday: Tour de la Frite