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Do you love to read or write? Would you like to work in the publishing industry or are you dreaming of becoming a (published!) writer? Are you curious about which steps to take to create a network and develop yourself as a professional in the literary field? Or are you just very much into books and are wondering about the variety of possible positions in the ‘world of books’ where you can surround yourself with other book lovers and make a living out of it? Then join our event and get inspired by our Humanities alumni panel!  


Kiki Bolwijn is an alumn of the bachelor's program Literary Studies at the UU and subsequently studied to become an editor through their master at UvA. That Kiki loves writing is evident from their studies and work: they now works as an independent writing teacher at The Writer's Guide (to the galaxy), where they guides writing groups. They also works as an independent editor and worked at lots of interesting (book-related) places: Das Mag publishers, Bookaroo, the literary house and Steven Sterk bookstore.

In 2022, Tessel ten Zweege published the book ‘dat zou jij nooit toelaten’ with publisher de Geus, followed in 2023 by ‘Femicidie: tot de dood ons scheidt’. In addition to her work as an author, she also works for Omroep Human where she works as a researcher, writer and editor and also has her own television program. Tessel completed the bachelor Literary & Cultural Analysis at the UvA, the research master's in Gender Studies at the UU and the MA Crossover Creativity at the HKU.

Milou Munsters completed the Bachelor Language and Cultural Studies and then continued her studies to work as a teacher through the MA in Art History: Education and Communication. Besides enjoying teaching, she also has a passion for storytelling. In 2023 she published the book ‘niet bepaald sexy’ about her experiences with sex and how they were different from how other women wrote about it in literature.

After her internship at Uitgeverij Kluitman, Elles van Roosmalen could stay at this publisher and started working as an office editor. There she receives texts from authors, reviews and edits these texts and helps the writer in the writing process. In addition to her work as editor, she also works as a freelance translator, editor and writer.

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