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Art, culture, literature, music, film, media. These are all topics that are part of the cultural sector. Many of the programmes at the Faculty of Humanities are related to the cultural sector. Maybe you will end up wokring there as well in the future! Would you like to know more about what this sector looks like? And what you can expect when working in the cultural sector? Then come visit this Your Perspective and ask these and more questions to alumni who know everything about working in the cultural sector! 


Cees Martens completed his bachelor's degree in Language and Cultural Studies in 2017 and now works as a programmer and project leader in the cultural sector. He currently works for the Netherlands Institute for Image and Sound, as a program coordinator at Le Guess Who music festival and as a curator at Stichting Freaky Dancing. Cees does this as freelancer with his own company Cees with a C.

Evi Meijer currently works as manager artistic affairs for Oorkaan, a youth music company that organizes theatrical concerts for a young audience with professional musicians. She finished her Bachelor's degree in Media and Culture in 2018 and then got the Master's degree in Art, Culture and Politics at the UvA.

Yoni van Hees studied at the University of Humanistic Studies and did her Masters in Literature and Cultural criticism at the UU. She now works as a marketing coordinator for VU Griffioen, the theater and creative course center of the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Every year, 150 big names and new talents perform at VU Griffioen in cabaret, music, dance and theatershows. More than 700 creative courses are also offered.

Art is also part of the cultural sector. Daphne Martens work with art a lot. She works as an exhibition assistant at the Mauritshuis in The Hague and is also active at Article magazine, a scientific magazine that addresses current themes in visual arts, architecture and design. She graduated from the BA Art History at the UU in 2021 and then did the master's degree in Curating Art and Cultures at the UvA.

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