Your Perspective: to PhD or not to PhD?

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Your Perspective

Can’t get enough of research? And are you an advanced Humanities student (BA or MA) who is considering to pursue a career in academics? Then come to our event!

Doing a PhD

This event is aimed at advanced Humanities students (BA and/or MA) and recent alumni of the Faculty of Humanities at UU, who are considering to pursue a career in academics, and are interested to find out more about (the path to) PhD-positions and the career perspectives that follow afterwards. What does it take to become successful and what steps can you take during your studies and immediately after graduation? And are you made from the right material for an academic career? Find out, and more!


Speakers include Martijn van der Klis (PhD candidate), Gerwin van Schie (PhD candidate), Hanneke Jansen (research coordinator ICON), Iris van der Knaap & Margriet Fokken (UU Library) and others. We will have a slightly different set up this time. We meet in the cafe of Parnassos and after short introductions, our speakers will host a table and in sessions of 20 minutes you can switch to a different table. This way, the event is more interactive, and you can just pick and choose your topics of interest!

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Parnassos Cultural Centre (in the bar)

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