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Are you curious to find out what it’s like to work in the field of journalism? Do you like researching, writing, editing and/or reporting? Come to this event!


Reinier Tromp – Data journalist at De Correspondent
After a Bachelor in Philosophy and in Political Science, Reinier Tromp went on to earn his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. This year, he joined Dutch news site De Correspondent as a data journalist. He focuses on political developments in the Netherlands and Europe.

Pepijn de Groot – Freelance journalist and columnist at Hart van Holland
Pepijn is alumnus of the Bachelor’s Dutch Language and Culture and will be finishing his Research Master’s in Dutch Literature and Culture this academic year. Although he is still studying, he already has a decade of experiences in journalism as (web)editor, columnist and freelance journalist.

Pete Wu - Freelance journalist and writer
Pete is alumnus of both Film & Television Studies and American Studies at Utrecht University. He also studied at the universities of Florida and Amsterdam. He works as a freelance editor in Dutch and English, copywriter, reviewer and translator with a focus on research journalism and documentary projects. Pete specialized in human rights issues, identity and emancipation, LGBT and ethnicity and recently published his non-fiction book about young Chinese Dutch people at Das Mag publishers, 'De bananengeneratie'.

A video message from Rutger Bregman – Correspondent and writer at De Correspondent
Rutger has a Bachelor’s degree in History and finished the Master’s History of Politics and Society in 2012. His book Utopia for Realists has been published in 30 countries. In January 2019 he gave a speech about tax avoidance at the World Economic Forum in Davos that became a worldwide conversation topic.

Other speakers will be announced shortly.

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T0.05 Grote zaal / MCW LAB, Muntstraat 2a
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