Your Perspective: Journalism

Your Perspective: Journalism
Your Perspective: Journalism

Are you curious to find out what it’s like to work in the field of journalism? Do you like researching, writing, editing and/or reporting? Come to our event!

This event is aimed at students who are considering a career in journalism. With a panel of journalists from different newspapers and other media we will be discussing the current (jobs) situation in journalism. What does it take to make it in the world of media as a UU Humanities graduate? Do you stand a chance against people who studied journalism at a university of applied sciences (HBO)? Will newspapers still exist in ten years?


  • Evelien van Veen (Volkskrant, previously ELLE)
    alumna of Dutch at UU
  • Gert Jan Geling (De Kanttekening, Jalta, Knack, ThePostOnline, Joop)
    alumnus of History, Theology, International Relations, Arabic at UU
  • Esther Hendriks (intern at NOS Berlin office, previously NTR, also freelance journalist)
    alumna of Media and culture studies at UU, now doing a master’s in journalism at the University of Groningen

More speakers will be announced very shortly.

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Provisional programme


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Start of the programme. Plenary discussion on current situation in journalism

Freelance versus employment
University diploma versus university of applied sciences (HBO) diploma
Competences every starting journalist needs




Discussions in smaller groups


Closing and drinks

Start date and time
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Parnassos Cultural Centre

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